Christian name changes in genealogy


Christian name changes or variations have certainly kept me on my toes recently.

Discovered Mary became Minnie, Roderick to Murdoch, Annie to Hannah and Jessie to Janet.

Any other interesting name variations out there?


Black History Month

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There are some great educational events on this month.

One that caught my eye and I am hoping to attend at the British Library is Black In Renaissance Britain:

Two readers will give an insight into how British Library records assisted in their research:

Miranda Kaufmann will be discussing her discovery of 135 Africans spending a week outside Bristol in 1590.  Michael Ohajuru will be speaking about his discovery of a black magus (king) on a roodscreen found in early 16th century Devon. The session will be moderated by Dr Caroline Bressey, Director of the UCL Equiano Centre.

Through researching a different subject matter.  I came across John Alexander Barbour James.  He was born in 1867, Berbice, British Guiana (Guyana). Worked in Ghana 1902 through his employment as a  postmaster.

As he was unable to relocate his wife Caroline and their children to Ghana, the family arrived in London around 1904.  They settled at Birbeck Grove, Acton.  Mr James was active in a number of black groups including African Progress Union and the Association of Coloured People. He published books and wrote columns in the Acton Gazette & Express called “Trust the Blackman” and “Colour and Culture”.  He died in 1954.