There are some great educational events on this month.

One that caught my eye and I am hoping to attend at the British Library is Black In Renaissance Britain:

Two readers will give an insight into how British Library records assisted in their research:

Miranda Kaufmann will be discussing her discovery of 135 Africans spending a week outside Bristol in 1590.  Michael Ohajuru will be speaking about his discovery of a black magus (king) on a roodscreen found in early 16th century Devon. The session will be moderated by Dr Caroline Bressey, Director of the UCL Equiano Centre.

Through researching a different subject matter.  I came across John Alexander Barbour James.  He was born in 1867, Berbice, British Guiana (Guyana). Worked in Ghana 1902 through his employment as a  postmaster.

As he was unable to relocate his wife Caroline and their children to Ghana, the family arrived in London around 1904.  They settled at Birbeck Grove, Acton.  Mr James was active in a number of black groups including African Progress Union and the Association of Coloured People. He published books and wrote columns in the Acton Gazette & Express called “Trust the Blackman” and “Colour and Culture”.  He died in 1954.